Trinity at 22nd

Trinity at 22nd supports community by providing a place for spiritual growth, opportunities to help the needy, arts, culture, and enrichment. The buildings we share offer the neighborhood space to grow, serve, celebrate, and learn.

Trinity Memorial Episcopal Church (TMC) has served as a house of worship and community resource for more than 125 years. A progressive congregation, we welcome all seekers on a spiritual path who wish to grow and serve God and the community. Our feasts and festivals are joyful celebrations. Father Rice’s sermons are biblically based, weaving lessons of the Gospel into explorations of how to lead spiritually centered lives in our increasingly complex world.

Housed in a unique architectural structure, our beautiful sanctuary is open and airy, with a circular communion rail surrounding the altar and flexible design. The superb acoustics enhance every musical note, from the soft voices of children to the soaring vocals of the adult choir.

Our Sunday service begins at 10:30 am. Sunday school classes are held during the service for older children, and childcare is provided for younger ones. The first Sunday of each month is Youth Sunday, during which the children of the congregation participate in many aspects of the service, including reading lessons, ushering and performing skits that illustrate biblical lessons.

Community OutReach Partnership (CORP): Throughout the church’s history, worship and bible study have gone hand-in-hand with a dedication to community service. In order to fulfill this mission, in 1985, Trinity Memorial founded CORP as a collaborative, non-denominational organization that connects people who care with volunteer programs that provide direct help to those among us who are homeless, hungry, elderly, lonely, or needy, without regard to race, gender, or religion. It seeks to aid those who are most vulnerable in ways that are practical by offering clearly defined opportunities for compassionate action. CORP seeks to call attention to the common humanity of helpers and those who need help, and to break the barriers that separate one human being from another. Its main programs are WinterShelter, a homeless shelter in the basement of the Parish Hall; Communicare, which matches volunteers with the frail elderly; Cook-Off, which prepares two hundred meals every other month for the homeless; and the Community Potluck Dinners, each of which focuses on a social issue that affects our community.

Trinity Center for Urban Life (TCUL) is a secular nonprofit organization that helps support the historic buildings of Trinity Memorial Church. TCUL creates a center for the people of the community and responds to their needs by providing cultural events, educational opportunities, and neighborhood services. TCUL manages the buildings for the use of organizations offering community support and public or private performances. The rooms, including the beautiful Great Hall, rebuilt after a catastrophic fire in 1994, can be rented for gatherings of all sorts, from large parties to intimate recitals. Fully moveable seating means that the space can be configured and decorated for many different events. Concerts, receptions, weddings, meetings, workshops, conferences, and celebrations occupy these gracious buildings.

For more information, contact the administrative assistant, Robert Mann at 215-732-2515 or .

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