Community Outreach Partnership runs four programs, each with its own focus, program leader, and style of operation appropriate to its mission. Below are summaries of each program including a link to each program’s dedicated page with its activity and events calendars, program contact, and volunteer sign-up.


  • If a close inter-personal relationship with the person you’re serving interests you, consider our Communicare program.

    Communicare supports frail elders trying to maintain independent lives in the community. It is our most intensive and structured volunteer opportunity. (Click here for the Communicare page)

  • If you’d like the option of one-on-one service, behind-the-scenes work, or both, then Wintershelter may be for you. Wintershelter is an overnight shelter running for the five coldest winter months.

    Guests receive a warm bed, a hot meal, and counseling to help break the cycle of homelessness. (Click here for the Wintershelter page)

  • Maybe you prefer to stay behind-the-scenes. If so, you’ll like the casual vibe and camaraderie of Cook-Off.

    Cook-off volunteers assemble 200+ frozen dinners for delivery to frail elders in the city. (Click here for the Cook-off page)


You can also work in more than one program or change from one to another as the spirit moves you. Whichever program(s) you choose, you’ll feel good knowing that your work will be practical, have visible results, and be important to the people you serve.

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