Elder Julia Heida with a volunteer at a Communicare party.

Communicare Director Maris Krasnegor

Volunteer Maggie Nerz with elder Cecilia K.

Volunteer Selma Booth with an elder.

Volunteer with an elder at a Communicare party.

Volunteer with an elder at a Communicare party


Communicare volunteers serve the Philadelphia frail elderly population one-on-one in a variety of ways, filling in for lost family and friends. Services they provide may include friendship socialization, shopping assistance, transport to medical appointments, acting as advocate with healthcare practitioners, record-keeping, help with correspondence, general problem-solving, and many other things.

Sharing one-on-one experiences with people in fragile circumstances breaks down the barriers between those who serve and those who are served, those who have and those who need. Such intimacy is the guiding principle of Communicare.

Because of frequent one-on-one interaction in this program, a close and supportive relationship between the volunteer and elder evolves over time. To support and sustain this relationship, Communicare volunteers receive careful coaching, as well as opportunities to improve their skills through further training.

To ensure a successful match, the needs of both volunteer and elder are carefully considered before an introduction is made. Communicare is the one CORP program that requires volunteers to commit to a regular and continuing schedule.

Volunteers are asked to have 2 -3 hours a week available to lend friendship and support to a Communicare elder. If you would like to find out more about volunteering, kindly enter your contact information on the right hand side of the screen and someone will contact you shortly.

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